Components of our IMS 2.0 Solution
Personnel and Location Management
Future State Modeling
Infrastructure Management
Infrastructure Financial Management
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if you can quantify it, we can aggregate it...
...and then we can clearly present it for metrics-based decision making on your current & future infrastructure environment.

What if?
What if you could model your infrastructure's future? How much better could you make decisions on consolidation, optimization, and virtualization?

Servnation can help your firm identify and control the actual costs of running your infrastructure environment while validating estimated costs in real-time. Once a company has a grasp of their actual infrastructure expenditure, they are able to then reduce the fixed costs by eliminating resources and renegotiating maintenance contracts. This gives companies the ability to save hard dollars with these reductions.

Headquartered in New York City, just north of silicon alley, Servnation is the market leader of infrastructure management system software.

Actionable Insights for Infrastructure