Components of our IMS 2.0 Solution
Personnel and Location Management
Future State Modeling
Infrastructure Management
Infrastructure Financial Management
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Future State Modeling

A powerful modeling tool that allows you to consider various ‘what-if’ scenarios for consolidation or optimization.

Forecasting models allow the calculation of savings from various consolidation or optimization scenarios. Savings can be forecasted at project completion or progressively during a project by aligning them to the budget process. Fees from one-time activities (such as severance, disposal or lease termination) are taken into account to provide a complete picture of the costs and benefits of a given migration or optimization plan.


  • Economics
    What is the true cost of these changes? Are costs tied to service usage metrics?
  • Quality of Service
    What is the impact of these changes on service levels? Disaster recovery? Performance or Accessibility?
  • Agility
    Is this model Dynamic/elastic? Will it be Scalable? If we have a problem, is it switchable?


Actionable Insights for Infrastructure