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Industry Directions

With economic crisis, natural disasters and turbulent business environment as a backdrop CTOs, CIOs and CEOs need real-time accurate data and insights to make the right decisions about their enterprise IT infrastructure.

IT service delivery is vital to your business success.

A Massive Opportunity to Reduce Costs

In hard dollars, we know that the US infrastructure outsourcing market is about $44 billion per year (EMEA is about $33 billion). And we know that only about 20% (roughly) of businesses currently outsource infrastructure components. So the potential US infrastructure outsourcing market can be sized at about $220 billion per year.

If we make a conservative estimate that about 60% of infrastructure work is suitable for outsourcing, that suggests an addressable market of about $132 billion per year. Taking an extremely conservative rule-of-thumb for outsourcing savings of 15% based on TPI large-deal data then the potential latent asset that US businesses are sitting on by not outsourcing more infrastructure services is about $19.8 billion per year.

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Actionable Insights for Infrastructure