Components of our IMS 2.0 Solution
Personnel and Location Management
Future State Modeling
Infrastructure Management
Infrastructure Financial Management
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Infrastructure Management

The system allows for software architects and engineers to standardize deployment of hardware and software solutions. This automated process becomes repeatable in similar environments eliminating further human intervention. All standards are documented and defined allowing easy management of all information. Senior management can quickly assess the direction and expense of projects, and easily track all hardware and software deployment. Additionally, the data within the system can be used for reporting or integration into other systems.

Our Methodology

  1. Define the portfolio
    Every existing server, application, & database are carefully inventoried and catalogued within the system
  2. Prioritize and eliminate
    A proven prioritization & decommissioning algorithm is applied to the application, hardware and database portfolio.
  3. Stage and Migrate
    A migration plan is developed and carefully managed throughout the consolidation to ensure a smooth and well executed migration
  4. Monitor and Optimize
    Once the migration is complete, this module continues to model the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) including both one-time costs, and the annual costs of operation
  5. Maintain
    Our solution also has a powerful workflow tool to manage the addition of new systems and capacity once BAU resumes in the consolidated environments

Actionable Insights for Infrastructure