Components of our IMS 2.0 Solution
Personnel and Location Management
Future State Modeling
Infrastructure Management
Infrastructure Financial Management
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Personnel and Location Management

This module of our solution helps enterprise to track people and location information before, during and after migrations or consolidations of infrastructure. With our solution, you can carefully plan and redeploy Data Center Talent all while working with existing organizational systems and Facilities Design.

Risk Management

  • Completeness - Account for all system inventory and assets.
  • Accuracy - Asset inventory (Applications, OS, Hardware, Real Estate, Personnel) is reconciled against validation sources to ensure accurate representation throughout migration process
  • Security - Throughout migration, have all measures been taken to ensure no security protocol weaknesses are introduced via migration program
  • Reduce Business Interruption - Plan accurately takes into account business criticality of each system and application - ensures that any system downtime is adequately planned and executed within acceptable parameters


Actionable Insights for Infrastructure