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The Servnation IMS Software is designed to be simple, straightforward and scalable. The software includes extensive options for integration; it is a web based tool and supports any existing enterprise platform.

IMS Software presents a dashboard to executives and managers to better manage their infrastructure environments. The software is designed to augment existing platforms to perform functions which have cost organizations millions of man-hours to perform using existing platforms alone. The IMS Software is not looking to replace existing infrastructure products but rather bring them together under one umbrella and provide the CFO with an accurate and far easier way to track infrastructure expenses.

Servnation's IMS software has four key areas of functionality:

Infrastructure Management
The system allows for software architects and engineers to standardize deployment of hardware and software solutions. This automated process becomes repeatable in similar environments eliminating further human intervention. All standards are documented and defined allowing easy management of all information. Senior management can quickly assess the direction and expense of projects, and easily track all hardware and software deployment. Additionally, the data within the system can be used for reporting or integration into other systems.

Infrastructure Financial Management
All costs associated with the management and deployment of software and hardware within a given infrastructure environment are tracked. This includes both one time and recurring costs for all projects deploying hardware and software. The reporting allows for senior managers to understand the total cost of ownership when deploying an infrastructure environment, easily track project profitability and forecast future costs of new projects.

Personnel & Location Management
Tracking of People and location information before, during and after migrations or consolidations of infrastructure. This module allows for careful planning and redeployment of Data Center Talent and it works directly with existing organizational systems and Facilities Design.

Future State Modeling
Forecasting models allow the calculation of savings from various consolidation or optimization scenarios. Savings can be forecasted at project completion or progressively during a project by aligning them to the budget process. Fees from one-time activities (such as severance, disposal or lease termination) are taken into account to provide a complete picture of the costs and benefits of a given migration or optimization plan.

The IMS Software platform also contains several other modules that are key for the management of an enterprise environment. This includes key components for self generating documentation and diagrams as well as document management and email/calendar integration. The entire platform works to seamlessly integrate with preexisting systems while providing a unified interface to all of the critical software components of today's leading IT software products. The IMS Software provides a powerful yet simple to use platform that increases productivity and transparency of all aspects of the business.

IMS (Infrastructure Management System) software will be delivered to clients via an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) dedicated server and downloading the software off of our web site. Servnation will deploy consultants on-site to assist with the installation and configuration of the IMS software. A smaller company might require two or three modules and a larger company may require the full suite of modules. The IMS software will be sold through direct sales representatives and via the web.

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